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Suppose you are looking for a manufacturer and distributor of gypsum ceilings within a pocket-friendly budget. In that case, you are at the right destination if you are willing to contact us. Super Terrazzo is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of granite. Also terrazzo, and marble ceiling, along with the ones made of gypsum in areas of Southeast Africa as well as Uganda.

Through excellent services from us, we keep on making ourselves proud with our customers, who are happy and satisfied. 

If you are planning to conduct a proper renovation of your home, you should take care of your ceiling design. There is a plethora of materials that you can use to implement false ceilings in your house. If you are planning to do a gypsum board ceiling, then you should be aware of the merits of gypsum for a ceiling. 

Advantages of using gypsum ceiling

  • Gypsum ceilings are fire-resistant

The false ceiling made of gypsum is resistant to fire since it is made of non-combustible material, like steam. You can install multiple layers of gypsum to obtain increased resistance and make the design look authentic. From us, you will always receive gypsum boards of the best quality.

Due to it’s non-flammable nature and gypsum board paper, it is becoming increasingly common where fire retardants are required. That’s why a table that emits steam, has a higher heat effect, as the temperature rises. As a result, it is a less widely used internal surface, where a fire-retardant rating is required.

  • Gypsum ceilings provide thermal insulation.

Gypsum material is provided with insulation properties that keep the home cool. There is an air-filled gap between the original ceiling and the false ceiling, which lets the room cool down below the false ceiling. 

This happens because the air is trapped within your room with the help of the property of insulation. Being the largest distributor of false ceilings, Super Terazzo will help you contact some of the best agencies of installation to get the false ceiling installed correctly in your home. 

  • Provides sound isolation

With the installation of a gypsum ceiling from our company, you can your room soundproof since this kind of false ceiling prevents the transmission of unwanted sounds to the surrounding areas. 

It is one of the primary considerations while designing a particular building, especially when the intended activities of the resident in a specific building are taken into account. It is one of the most significant benefits of gypsum false ceiling boards and ceilings that can handle sound transmission effectively. 

  • Durability and economy

You can use gypsum boards and ceilings to construct high-quality and robust ceilings and walls that can offer durability and dimensional stability. You can also use gypsum boards for surfaces that can be easily decorated as well as refinished. 

Also, these ceilings and boards are quite economical since they are readily available. You can contact our company if you are willing to get a quote for gypsum board prices in Uganda. You will get this item installed at comparatively fewer costs labour than many of the alternatives for installing the ceilings. 

Gypsum boards are made with high-quality drywall panels.

In addition to being suitable for ceilings, they are extremely durable and stable with their properties. The boards can be easily decorated and repainted, especially for those who need repairs to their home or business happened because of water leakages, fire catching, or natural disasters like earthquakes.

  • Distribution of even light

One major benefit of installing a gypsum ceiling is that it enables the uniform spreading of light, thus illuminating your bedroom or drawing room. In the case of most false ceilings, you can see that there are certain parts of the room is having light. 

In the case of gypsum, you will see that the entire room is having even distribution of light due to the changing nature of this false ceiling a few inches below the original height of the ceiling. You will get your room illuminated by buying good quality gypsum from us. 


A gypsum board’s primary properties, namely durability, availability, ease of storage, easy repair and versatility for decoration purposes, outperform all other cladding products. A plasterboard is flexible enough to meet a number of architectural requirements.


The price is one of the reasons why this is a popular choice for many. It is an inexpensive building material that can be used to build a house quickly and efficiently. This speed and low cost would benefit those who are looking for cost-effective solutions to reduce their expenses. It is a good fire-resistant wall and ceiling covering material that is quite cheap compared to other products. The installation/labor cost of the entire building system is relatively low, making this system more attractive.

A Gypsum board is a popular name among all panel products. First of all, from gypsum, non-flammable maggots and from the front, there are paper balls with a back edge and a long handle. Gypsum board products mainly contain gypsum board. variety of materials such as paper, glass, or fiberglass, can be used.

Easy Installation

Gypsum board Installing is much faster and easier than other materials such as hardwood or fiberboard. As a light material, handling the product does not require much manpower. No heavy-duty tools are needed to cut through the material; a simple knife or handsaw could do the job.

False ceiling has become an integral part of home construction, adding beauty to the home as well as keeping excessive heat, cold and noise away from your living space. They are also necessary for hiding electrical wiring and for installing central air conditioning. However, false ceilings can be durable only if quality materials are selected. Gypsum board is the most commonly used material for making false ceilings.


With an experience of above 20 years, Super Terrazo is famous and have become popular by serving almost 35 industries. We have built around 105 factories by providing false ceilings made of gypsum. The main purpose of our brand is to offer architects, designers, and contractors with excellent quality flooring, ceiling, and countertop options to our customers, along with flawless customer service. 

Our company employs highly skilled staff by offering properly integrated training to abide by our vision. If you give us a chance to serve you, we would assure to leave you mesmerized by our services. Thus, reap the advantages of Gypsum ceiling after availing them from our stores. 

Gypsum false ceiling is famous & loved by interior designers while selecting the false ceiling material. It is surely a great choice for people who wants a sleek & stylish finish at an affordable price. Gypsum false ceiling has its own identity with its edgy designs to completely transform your space to make it more vibrant. Gypsum false ceiling comes with patterns, colors, sizes, textures and themes that gives house owners a lot of option to select while designing their dream house.

Having Gypsum false ceiling in your space is one of the most impressive and cost-effective solutions for all. Everyone seems to understand and want to know the difference between Gypsum with other ceilings materials. When you are inclined toward style Gypsum false ceiling brings that aesthetic value. It is a eye-soothing experience when you are in your space with complete satisfaction & comfort.

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