Hosting QuickBooks on AWS – Pros and Cons

Hosting QuickBooks on AWS

Intuit Provide Data center service to TurboTax and QuickBooks Too. during the tax season, the data center would spike up leading to a lagged performance in QuickBooks Online. Hosting QuickBooks on AWS (Amazon Web Services) is aimed to establish higher productivity and innovation of the application. In this blog, we will talk about what hosting QuickBooks on AWS is and will the option of hosting QuickBooks on a third party is a feasible one depending upon your business requirements.

The infrastructure of Hosted QuickBooks on Amazon

Amazon Web Services support has support engineers staffed 24×7 providing help with QuickBooks on four plans: Basic, Developer, Business, and Enterprise. The cloud computing platform of Amazon Web Services will allow small business owners to access the infrastructure to operate software as a service. When businesses have hosted QuickBooks on Amazon, the server functions such as operating system. Amazon’s hosting service manage SaaS Application also.

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Hosting QuickBooks File on AWS from the following support options

  1. EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
  2. VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
  3. S3 (Simple Storage Service)
  4. RDS (Relational Database Service)
  5. Route 53
  6. ELB (Elastic Load Balancing)
  7. Auto Scaling

Benefits of Hosting QuickBooks Files in AWS Workspace

Hosting QuickBooks in AWS Workplace brings multiple benefits with it, especially for QuickBooks small businesses. Some of which have been listed below

  • AWS handled The payment processing for your customers.
  • AWS is able to support multiple development languages varying from iOS, Android, Java, Javascript, HTML 5, PHP, and many more depending upon which one your development team uses.
  • The AWS Cloud has a wide variety of services and support options.
  • It has extensive coverage with 42 zones available in 16 geographic regions all around the globe.

Cons of Hosting QB Desktop with AWS

  • many requests as it receives handle by AWS elastic load balancer (ELB). However, you can purchase another service, ELB with Auto Scaling, to counteract.
  • There are limits on resources available on Amazon EC2 and Amazon VPC consoles. However one can request to increase the same.
  • There are limitations on security features. For example, EC-2 classic supports max. 500 per instance and each group support a max of 100 permissions. Moreover, EC2 VPC supports max. 100 groups per VPC.
  • There are technical support fees that vary as per different packages which include developers, businesses, and enterprises.
  • Generic cloud computing drawbacks such as internet dependency, security concerns, and so on.
  • There is some reliance on your own skills to create tools\functionally that aren’t native. Like scheduling backups.
  • The number of choices can be confusing to those who may not speak the language of technology.
  • AWS lacks customer support, gearing toward a more technically savvy group of consumers and/or those with access to tech support.

Other third-party hosting overpowering the AWS Hosting for QuickBooks

The use of third-party hosting for your QuickBooks application lets you have a service that has a niche in hosting accounting software and thus it is able to guarantee the appropriate solutions. Different applications of multiple genres also use Amazon Web Services, and so it can lead to the lagging of the service it has to offer the QuickBooks users’.

  • The price point of third-party hosting servers starts from around $ 34, whereas with the AWS Hosting for QuickBooks, the price is dependent on the space to be used. The pricing is much more economical in the third party than in Hosting QuickBooks on AWS.
  • The Technical support with third-party hosting is provided in the form of a call, live chat, and tickets whereas with AWS hosting 24x7x365 phone support can be attained.
  • A simple and straightforward approach to the correct QuickBooks hosting for your business.
  • The two-factor authentication of the QuickBooks application to recover the con of AWS makes users more inclined towards the QuickBooks hosting on third-party servers.
  • QuickBooks cloud hosting is able to maintain the security of user data and data is regularly backed up with no capital expenses.
  • Not only small businesses, but QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is also able to provide versatility and flexibility even to businesses planning to go global.

AWS is no doubt the hyped hosting provider for QB, and Hosting QuickBooks on AWS has its own perks but when it comes to selecting the right hosting provider for your accounting software, it is important to choose the one which provides you with flexibility and more room to bring about required changes and have control on the application.

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