Tips for Packing Household Items Safely for Intercity Move with Professionals?

Moving to a new city is a new experience. And with this experience comes the responsibility for a safe and secure shift. House shifting is not an easy task. It requires proper preparations to make sure that the shift is smooth. By hiring packers and movers, you can experience hassle-free intercity relocation. They are professional and experienced in intercity shifting. They make sure that, from packing to unloading, everything is done in a safe and secure manner.

Even after hiring packers and movers Delhi to Pune, there are chances of mishaps. And these mishaps can lead to damage and loss of your belongings. Household items are to be handled with extra care. That is why you should take some steps to ensure that your household items are safely packed for an intercity shift. We have combined the best tips to help you have a safe and secure move.

In what ways can you safely pack your household items with professionals?

To ensure that the intercity shift is successful, you have to have a safe delivery of goods. And this can only happen if everything is secured. There are many ways in which you can securely pack all your household items. The tips mentioned below will help you achieve a smooth and secure intracity house relocation.

Sort your belongings.

Shifting to a different city is not an easy task. And if you are not attentive to the things being packed, then it can become more difficult. Everyone at home has some fragile and expensive items. And to ensure that they are safe during the shift, they need extra care. So sort and declutter all your things. Separate the items that are fragile and expensive. After the packers arrive, ask them to pack these things separately and more securely. And donate or sell the things that are no longer needed. This decreases the number of things that you need to shift and also decreases the burden.

Packing material

Packing material is very important to ensure that there is no damage or loss to any household items. While consulting the packers and movers Delhi to Pune, ask them about the kind of packing material they use. You can also ask them to show you the quality of their packing supplies. If they’re not proper, then ask them to provide you with high-quality packing material. Good quality packing material ensures that everything is packed securely and decreases the chances of any damage. Packing supplies like bubble wrap, boxes, tape, etc. should be of good quality.


It is important that things that belong to similar categories be kept together. This not only helps you during packing and unpacking but also the packers and movers Delhi to Pune. So divide your things according to their categories. And then place them safely in the boxes and label the boxes. Keep the fragile and expensive things separate. And then label those boxes as fragile. The movers will also get to know which things need to be protected more carefully.

Pack important items yourself.

Many times, people fully depend on packers and movers in Delhi. But you should avoid doing this. Before the packers and movers arrive, sort the things that are important to you, like documents, jeweler, etc. Pack these things carefully and keep them with yourself. 

Pack the heavy items first

Ask the Packers to pack bulky and heavy items like furniture and appliances first. Ensure that they place these things at the bottom of the boxes. This will ensure that heavy things do not crush the lighter ones. And this also will minimize any damage during transportation.

Securely seal all the boxes

By packing the items, you cannot ensure their safety. You also have to securely seal all the boxes to make sure that there is no damage from movement. Intercity shift means that the route is going to be long. And on long routes, there are more chances of damage and loss. But if the boxes are sealed properly, then the chances of any damage decrease.

Fragile items with extra care

Things such as glasses, frames, glass tables and other things should be kept with extra care. Use bubble wrap and paper to wrap these things, and then securely tape them before placing them in the boxes. Label the boxes and make sure that there is no space for any movement. 

Securely pack the belongings in a vehicle.

After the packing of everything is done, the next step is to place all the boxes in the vehicle. And this is sometimes where a lot of mishaps happen. That is why supervising the mover ensures safety. Watch everything as it’s been placed in the vehicle. Make sure that they are not leaving any unnecessary space for boxes. And also double-check the security of the boxes before hitting the road. It is important that everything is securely packed in a vehicle. Because in the case of intercity shifting, the more time is required. And this increases the chances of damage and loss of belongings.

Track your things.

After everything is done, the very next step is to track your belongings. Hire a company that provides its customers with GPS tracking systems. This will help you know the location of your items. You can estimate the delivery time. By staying constantly in touch with the drivers, you can know when you think your package will be delivered and be prepared for any mishaps in advance. 


With all the tips given above, you can have a safe and secure shift with professionals. Choose a reliable and experienced packer and mover. Make sure that they use good quality packing material. Because intercity shifting takes time.  So to secure your items during the shift, make sure that everything is packed very securely. That is why we have mentioned all the important tips for your intercity house relocation. Make sure all your household items are carefully packed. Rely on packers and movers who are experienced and have a good customer base. Consult with them and plan a safe and secure relocation.

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