What Other Tools And Applications You Can Use Instead Of Latex For Dissertation Writing?

Is it the first time you are writing a thesis? It must be difficult. Do not let the stress of writing a thesis get to you. Dissertation writing is a difficult task due to its extensive research demands. Along with this, you also need to equip yourself with extraordinary writing skills.

A dissertation is such a long piece of writing that you will lose track of it most of the time. You will be lost in one chapter and forget what you are talking about. These things make it challenging to work with, and you look for other ways. Other ways include the use of software to do different tasks related to dissertation writing. That software can perform formatting and reference managing tasks efficiently. Today’s topic will talk about a tool called LaTeX that can assist in your thesis writing. There will be a detailed description of this software and how it works. Also, this article will include a brief description of some of its alternatives. So, let’s begin our discussion with the following question.

Is LaTex software?

LaTeX is software used for typesetting technical documents. It is open-source software that everyone can install and use for free. An American computer scientist Leslie Lamport created this software in 1985 to make typesetting lengthy documents like dissertations easy.

Features of this software

LaTex is a document preparation system used by academics to write scientific papers. Even most of the dissertation writing services providers also use this software. The reason behind its extensive use in the academic industry is that it has many features to offer. Below is a brief description of its features.

  • You do not need to worry about managing the long list of references. It has the ability to generate an index, bibliography, and references automatically.
  • It can perform typesetting and formatting of the whole dissertation in just a few lines of LaTeX code. This software does this by separating the presentation of the dissertation from its content.
  • It allows the researchers to worry about the content of the dissertation. It is because all other things like headers, page numbers, references, etc., are controlled by LaTeX.

All these features make LaTeX a godsend for dissertation writing. Thus, everyone must use it while writing his thesis.

What is the alternative to LaTex?

Software that assists you in dissertation writing and its formatting is an alternative to LaTeX. Still, there are many types of software out there that are better than this. So, a brief description of alternatives to LaTeX is as follows:

MS Word

It is probably the most known software for writing every kind of document among students. It is because it comes installed with your laptop and windows. Instead of Microsoft Office Suite, it also comes as a standalone application. The standalone application is not free to use, and you have to purchase it.

However, MS Word is the best alternative to LaTeX when it comes to dissertation writing. Its endless features can help you create the most stunning documents in any format. You must remember that MS word can be very frustrating to use at times. Every time you insert a picture, you can format the size and location and add captions. Imagine inserting 20 to 30 pictures and doing its formatting. It is pretty annoying for the students.


AbiWord is a free, open-source word processor program. It was initially released in 1998, and today it has features that every established word processor has. This alternative to LaTeX is able to save and open documents created in MS Word. Abiword features advanced document layout options. It allows its users to create, format, and customize documents according to their purpose and use. Many researchers now prefer writing their dissertation in this software due to its advanced options. Also, it supports multiple languages other than English and has a built-in spelling checker.


Pages is a powerful word processing tool that allows you to create stunning documents. It comes included with most apple devices. Also, with real-time collaboration, you can work on your dissertation writing task remotely with this software. It has all the features that most renowned software like MS Word and LaTeX have. This software allows you to customize your toolbar that others do not offer. You can also track your changes by clicking on the three dots at the top right corner of the Pages.

Which software is best for thesis writing?

No one can tell which software is the best for thesis writing. The reason behind this is that everyone has their own preference when it comes to using the software. Some students are proficient in using MS Word, so they like to work on that. Well, if you know some coding techniques and know-how to code in LaTeX, then this software has no second to it. It can save a lot of time during dissertation writing and dissertation proposal writing because you will have to deal with formatting and typesetting problems. Hence, you can use any software based on your expertise.

How do I make my dissertation look professional?

Making a dissertation look professional can be very challenging. Writing the content is easy but presenting it professionally is the most difficult part. Make sure that your dissertation has the following things to look professional.

  • Headers and footers can give your dissertation a very professional look. They make it clear to the reader what part of the dissertation is before them.
  • Providing page numbers at the end of each page is also beneficial. It allows the reader to navigate through the dissertation easily.
  • A clear and nice title page can also bring professionalism to your dissertation.
  • Following a proper structure is also a key to professional dissertation writing. You should always make sure that everything in your dissertation is in order and well defined.


LaTeX is a powerful tool that can easily typeset technical documents like dissertations. All you need to have is a few coding skills, and that is it. Other tools like MS Word and Pages can also create a professional dissertation. The things mentioned above can help you greatly in creating professional dissertation writing. Hence, you must follow those to create a well-written dissertation.

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