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Top 10 Amazon Brand Registry Benefits

Amazon Brand Registry

If you’re looking to elevate your business to a higher level, regardless of the size or importance it may be, then you should think about becoming an Amazon trademark registered. In this post, we’ll talk about the advantages that come with this Amazon Brand Registry program.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

What is the Amazon Brand Registry, and why is it important? In essence, the brand registry program gives brand owners tools to protect their business while selling on the leading e-commerce platform.

Brand Registry is a unique seller program that allows you to establish your amazon brand and provides a better experience for potential customers. 

You also have an access point to the tools you need to allow you to better represent your brand, identify and report violations, as well as communicate information to assist us in preventing violations.

Then, Brand Registry protects your brand’s image and provides various marketing tools that assist sellers in driving more volume of traffic and better conversion rates, not to mention tracking and control over their performance metrics. 

Let’s learn more about these advantages:

Amazon Brand Registry Benefits

1. Transparency Guarantee

This feature can identify your product and block counterfeits from reaching consumers. This is accomplished by allowing the manufacturer to apply transparent codes to their products, so Amazon can detect them and ensure that buyers are receiving authentic products and not counterfeits.

2. Internal Support Team

This team is always available to assist you in reporting any problems or violations to your listings. It is possible to report technical issues or raise your previous claims.

3. A+ Content or EBC

This feature allows brands to explain their products’ characteristics in different, innovative, and interesting ways, by incorporating distinct points of differentiation such as the story of the brand and enhanced images, high-quality videos, and text, giving the customer a unique shopping experience that encourages them to make the purchase.

According to research conducted by Amazon in the course of a study, the conversion rate goes up when you use Aand Content. It increases by 5.6 percent, meaning that you’re turning 5 to 6 individuals for every 100 people to your site.

To know more about the Amazon EBC, click here.

4. Amazon Live

The program lets you stream live videos on Amazon’s Home Page as well as in your product listings. This gives sellers a unique chance to show the way their products look and be seen by a huge portion of potential new buyers.

5. Add Video to Your Listing

Improve your conversion rates by helping customers understand the products you sell. If executed correctly, can be the difference between stepping away or hitting the add-to-cart option.

Videos can help you make the first impression, spur the audience to take action, tell a compelling story, promote the values of your brand, respond to questions clearly and visually and improve SEO!

6. Amazon Vine

This is an excellent review program for products created by Amazon to give sellers more truthful, and objective reviews. It allows Amazon’s most trusted users to get a product at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

7. Amazon Storefront

This feature lets you promote your brand’s image with a custom style. Create custom tiles, and then add text, photos as well as videos to tell your story as a brand and the benefits of the product you’re selling. It’s similar to having your website on Amazon’s platform.

8. Sponsored Brand Ads

The feature allows 3 ways to display ads across the platform:

a. Sponsor brand ads: 

headline advertisements that are displayed on the first page of the results page of Amazon’s search engine.

b. Sponsored Brand Videos:

Videos that show up in search results as well as the listings of your competitors.

c. Sponsored product: 

This lets your products appear at the top of search results and also on listings for products that are similar to yours or within your category.

It is possible to use customized messaging and make use of these ads to draw more attention to your business and when customers click your advertisement you’ll take them to your storefront or listing.

9. Amazon Attribution

A free reporting-advertising tool created by Amazon that allows you to measure the performance of external advertising. It gives sellers precise data and analysis so you have more insight into the channels that generate the most sales.

10. Amazon Brand Analytics

This book provides useful information that will help brand owners make informed decisions regarding their advertising and products.

It contains five advanced advertising reports, including search phrases, repeat purchase behavior market basket analysis item comparison, alternative buying behavior, and customer demographics.

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