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What is Digital communication

You do not necessarily have to be a specialist to deploy good communication on the Internet. In this article we will read All about what is digital need is to have a good command of certain digital communication that will allow you to have the expected results. It is through the use of these tools that you will make your site or your company known on the web. there are the five important tools for digital communication.

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SEO is the ability of your site to appear among the first recommendations when searching on search engines. The Google search engine is the one that is generally the most targeted, because it is the most used. A good SEO is managed on two tables. You first have natural referencing or SEO, then paid referencing or SEA. Natural referencing consists of inserting keywords yourself into the articles you write to ensure a good place in the rankings. The latter has two main advantages. The first advantage is its efficiency. Yes, natural referencing works and can save you a lot of space in search engines. The second advantage is free. Indeed, since it is you who take care of it,

Except in the case where you use copywriters to optimise SEO. Paid SEO uses the same principle, except this time it’s not free. It’s about buying keywords to always appear on the first page of Google. These two types of SEO do not cancel each other out. Rather, they are seen as complementary. SEO is a digital communication.

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The blog

Don’t just focus on the website part. It is necessary to create a stronger bond with visitors. And to do this, a blog appears to be the ideal solution. Indeed, by blogging you can offer detailed advice to users of the site. You can give them the opportunity to learn more about you. You can drive them through your passion.

These informative articles bring a plus in terms of credibility to the whole. The goal is to create much richer and more creative content, not to make people forget the products or services you sell, but above all to highlight them even more. You can even offer free books for download to increase your contact database.

The advertisement

It is obvious that despite all the deployments that you will make on the different sites, advertising remains a must to make your activity known. It may be advertising only present on computer websites, although mobile online advertising is the most recommended. The advertising tools you can use are Facebook Ads first. More than 6 million establishments have already used this service. It is particularly suitable for VSEs and SMEs. You also have advertising on Instagram. It happens through sponsored campaigns coming mostly from Facebook. You also have Display, which allows you to display your advertisements on the various search engines.

You also have the option of using the luminous newspaper for your announcements. It allows you to advertise and pass information on the streets, buses, or even during sporting events. It is generally rectangular in shape and is intended to catch the eye of passers-by, passengers and viewers on the offers you are offering. The message transmitted by its LED display screen can be variable or constant and in different colors.

For more impactful advertising, it is imperative to write a message that speaks to your audience. For example, you can work with a copywriting agency to find a consistent tone that suits your target audience.

The Newsletter

The newsletter is an effective way to keep in touch with the people who visit your site. It allows you to keep them informed of all the new news available. You can use it to share exceptional promotional offers available on the site, but also to offer them more personalised offers such as discounts or free products.

The newsletter makes it easy to retain customers by installing them in a regular purchasing process. It also allows you to create more traffic by redirecting customers directly to the site. It is even possible to share through the newsletter the new articles published on your blog to make it a little more known.

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Social networks

Communication on social networks is an essential point when you want to make yourself known online. It’s almost impossible to ignore this one. A lot of people spend more time on social networks than on websites themselves. It has become a reflex for the youngest populations to open their Instagram, Facebook and other pages as soon as they wake up.

Having communication organized around these will allow you to bring back many customers and above all to keep them. Some networks are preferred over others. Facebook currently remains a reference in terms of online communication. Then you have Instagram, whose communication will have to be based mainly on the visual and attractive aspects. Twitter is the social network for instantaneous and efficient customer service. And finally LinkedIn is perfect for Business to Business offers.

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