Maximize trading success with the powerful Ninjatrader Copier and Risk Management

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Working with both your PC and Virtual Private Server (VPS), the NinjaTrader Alarm Manager functions as an adaptable Personal Trading and Risk Management Assistant. It can do a wide range of automated tasks, such as voice alarms, pop-up messages, email dispatches, position management, and Telegram Bot broadcasts. Traders are able to create rule-based alerts that trigger different actions based on their parameters. This program guarantees prompt updates on events in the market and makes it easier to carry out trading operations, such canceling open positions.

How to Install Add-on?

Ninjatrader Copier and Risk Management Assistant Dashboard

The dashboard streamlines your trading experience by providing detailed information at a glance, eliminating the need to activate the alarm monitor. It includes essential elements like a summary of your account, the status of your trade activity, and most importantly, the all-important Drawdown gauge.

Known as the “Ideal Risk Control Instrument,” it provides crucial trade information along with the added benefit of a secondary license that may be used on a different computer or virtual private server (VPS).

NinjaTrader Risk Management Assistant

Dashboard User Guide

The dashboard window is a useful tool that provides traders with detailed information right when they need it.

Except for the extra details given below, the functions are explained in the same way even if the user guide is specific to the cTrader version.

How to Use the Dashboard?

Margin Requirements on the Dashboard

There are several ways to see your margin with theNinjatrader Copier and Risk Management Assistant. Trading margins protect the trader and broker from any losses on an open trade by acting as a deposit with the broker.

  • Intraday Margin: This refers to the minimum balance that an account must maintain per contract while it is actively engaged in a trade during the same trading day.
  • Initial Margin (Exchange Margin): Set by the respective exchange, the initial margin represents the amount required to hold a position into the next trading session.
  • Maintenance Margins (Exchange Margin): Also referred to as maintenance margins, these represent the set minimum margin per outstanding futures contract that a trader must uphold on positions held longer than one day.
  • Excess Margin: Excess margin denotes the surplus equity in a brokerage account exceeding the minimum margin requirements.

Further Reading on Futures Margins

Trading Futures?

The settings tab offers futures traders the option to change the value display from pips to ticks. By making this change, the matching value is guaranteed to appear on the trade alerts and dashboard window.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

To provide ongoing safety for your trades, think about keeping it running on your Virtual Private Server (VPS) twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Rent a VPS Server

Account Alarms

You may personalize alerts and notifications that are sent out in response to particular account events by going to the account alarms tab. You have the option to toggle these events on or off based on your preferences; they are self-explanatory. For every occurrence, you can also set up parameters and indicate the appropriate course of action.

NinjaTrader Risk Management AssistantAlert Event Options

Here are the options available for configuring alerts and notifications within the account alarms tab:

  1. Pop-up Message: This option displays a pop-up box on your screen with the alert. You’ll need to close the message manually after reading it.
  2. Email Message: Enables the system to send you an email to the address configured in the settings tab, providing details of the account event.
  3. Telegram Bot: Sends a FREE instant message to your Telegram bot, alerting you about the account event.
  4. Voice Alert: This feature triggers a voice notification in English, informing you of the account event that has occurred.
  5. Close Position: Automatically closes a single position when specific criteria are met, such as reaching a profit threshold like 20 pips.
  6. Close All Positions: Initiates the closure of all open positions when triggered by an event.
  7. Close Winning Positions: Specifically close positions that are currently in a winning state.
  8. Close Losing Positions: Targets and closes positions that are currently in a losing state.


Negative values, indicated by red, are required to represent net profit loss and account equity declines.

Account Alarms User Guide

To get detailed instructions on how to use the Account Alarms function, click the link below. Every feature is comparable to that of the cTrader Guardian Angel package.

How to Use Account Activity Alerts?


Any of the Alert Messages can be easily customized by the application to fit your desired language and format. Furthermore, all Voice Alerts are presently available in English and may be easily accessed within the application. Additionally, you have the choice to use your own unique recordings in place of these pre-installed sound files.

NinjaTrader Risk Management Assistant

“Customizing messages and voices tailors the application to your country’s preferences, enhancing personalization for your trading experience.”

Activated Voice Alerts

Voice notifications for trade activity and accounts can be very helpful, especially when multitasking. An amiable voice offers extra support, making sure crucial alerts are heard clearly and on time, and improving your trading experience in general.

Learn more about notifications that sound

Alarms for Trade Activity

There are a total of 8 events available for trade activity alarms. Each event can be individually toggled on or off, and they all share the same set of Alarm Events, providing flexibility and customization options based on your trading preferences.

NinjaTrader Risk Management Assistant

Trade Activity Alerts User Guide

You can set up how you plan to manage your risk using the account alerts window, giving you flexibility and control over your risk management approach.

How to Utilize the Alarm Manager Settings for Trade Activity Alerts?

Alarm Manager Settings

This section facilitates various essential tasks, including:

  1. Testing your email settings with NinjaTrader.
  2. Connecting to your accounts.
  3. Setting up Telegram services to receive instant messages.
  4. Testing functionality by entering your mobile number and other general settings.

These features ensure seamless integration and operation of NinjaTrader with your preferred communication channels and settings.

NinjaTrader Risk Management Assistant

Settings User Guide

The NinjaTrader Risk Management Assistant Protection Software, as shown above, has several settings that allow you to customize the program to meet your unique requirements and tastes.

*Although the user guide pertains to the cTrader version, the features’ explanations remain consistent, with the exception of the additional information provided below.

How to Adjust the Parameters?

Accounts of Ninjatrader Copier and Risk Management Assistant

Ninjatrader Copier and Risk Management Assistant supports numerous broker feeds, thus as you can see above, it’s important to choose the correct account from the settings panel.

The Ninjatrader Copier and Risk Management Assistant version does not have the memory management feature.

Watch a Video Introduction

The 1440p High Quality version of the video has been uploaded. Remember to change the YouTube video settings to 1440p HD for the best possible viewing experience.

Watch the video tutorial

How To Install The NinjaTrader Add-On

Clicking on the link below will open a YouTube video tutorial demonstrating how to install the Add-On into the Ninjatrader Copier and Risk Management Assistant platform.

Watch the Video Tutorial for Instructions on How to Install an Add-On

Official Ninjatrader Copier and Risk Management Assistant Installation Guide

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