What Causes Error Code 7E on a Samsung Dishwasher?

The WaterWall error is essentially what the Samsung Dishwasher error number 7E is. This error message will appear if the WaterWall reflector is blocked. When components of the WaterWall system are improperly mounted, your Samsung dishwasher could possibly display the 7E error code.

The error code may potentially indicate a defective sensor or an electric motor issue. It might also happen if the vane is improperly clipped or the reflector is occluded. The cause of the problem, which is covered throughout the article, will largely determine the best course of action.

Learn the causes of error code 7E on Samsung dishwashers and how to fix the issue yourself.

The WaterWall system has a malfunction, according to the Samsung dishwasher error code 7E. It can imply that the wire harness, vane motor, or sensor for the vane needs to be repaired. Other times, an issue with the electric board may be to blame for the problem.

The dishwasher can be reset to eliminate error code 7E to resolve this. If restarting the dishwasher does not resolve the error, check to see if the WaterWall reflector is mounted correctly or is obstructed and make the necessary repairs.

In order to get a smooth stroke from the sprinkler, you might also need to adjust the sprinkler movement or remove any packing tape that might be obstructing the moving element in new Samsung dishwashers.

Samsung Dishwasher

What Causes Error Code 7E in a Samsung Dishwasher?

When a Samsung dishwasher displays the error code 7E, the WaterWall system—a Samsung patent for dishwashing technology—basically has a problem. Only the more recent models of Samsung dishwashers include this technology. As a result, error code 7E should not confused with the E7 error in previous models.

When the dishwasher’s water dispersion mechanism cannot move, error code 7E is frequently displayed. Users of Samsung dishwashers claim that the error number will appear within a few seconds after a cycle on the appliance started. The following are some typical reasons why Samsung dishwashers could encounter trouble code 7E.

Blocked WaterWall Reflector

A blocked reflector on the WaterWall system is one of the main reasons of the error code 7E. The reflector holding it in place in this instance obstructed by anything. It might also imply that the reflector improperly mounted or fastened.

When the distributed is clamped, water will flow through the dishwasher, forming a cascade, and the appliance will function as it should. But eventually, the sprayer will STI and the 7E error code will appear.

If yours is acting in this way, it indicates that something is impeding the boom’s movement. If the unit is brand-new, the packing tape on the WaterWall vane is likely the cause of error number 7E. Additionally, a sensor built inside the track may prevent the diffuser from moving.

faulty or loose connections

You could also get error number 7E if the cables securing the WaterWall system’s components are floppy or improperly placed. This could happen after a dishwasher repair or maintenance procedure. Check for loose connections on the wires connecting parts like the WaterWall vane motor and vane sensor.

To resolve error code 7E, you must replace your dishwasher’s broken wire harness with a new one.

Faulty or incorrectly installed parts

Despite the fact that the WaterWall elements and components built to be more durable, they occasionally fail. The Samsung dishwasher error number 7E may potentially caused by a damaged Vane motor or motor sensor.

A faulty harness needs to replaced if a multimeter test on it does not yield the desired signal. Consider replacing the motor sensor to resolve error code 7E if the wiring is in good working order but the dishwashing mechanism is still not operating.

Your Samsung dishwasher may have a free rail housing, intact sensor wire, and a water jet that emerges as intended. Despite making the typical buzzing sound, the disperser eventually stops. You need to examine the engine if these symptoms also appear together with error number 7E on your Samsung dishwasher.

Samsung Dishwasher

The WaterWall Technology is what?

This is a dishwashing innovation that the maker has patented. For effective dish cleaning, it has cortical jets that designed to create a wall of water. Modern technology makes sure that throughout the spin cycle, water appropriately distributed onto the dirty dishes.

The WaterWall technology uses a straight-line reflector on the WaterWall system to feed water to the dishes instead of the conventional revolving rocker mechanism used in older Samsung dishwashers. During the cleaning cycle, the reflector intended to move forward and backward along the boom. A system like this makes sure that the water pressure spread equally throughout the dishwasher’s cleaning tank.

The WaterWall technology allows the dishwasher to clean more than just the dishes in the side trays. In order to ensure that even a spoon in the midst of the stack cleaned thoroughly, water spread uniformly throughout the tank. But things don’t always work out the way you plan.

How to Resolve Error Code 7E with a Samsung Dishwasher

As you can see, a variety of factors might cause this error code. The source of error code 7E will determine the best repair. Occasionally, a control unit problem may cause this error to shown. As a result, before waiting to see if the dishwasher reappears, reset it to clear the error code.

In order to do this, turn off the appliance and remove the power cable from the outlet. Allow it to remain disconnected for approximately 15 minutes. After that, reconnect the dishwasher’s plug and turn it back on. If the error code 7E keeps appearing on the display, there is a problem with the machine’s WaterWall system.

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